A nonpressure-bled salmon (left) and pressure-bled salmon (right).

A nonpressure-bled salmon (left) and pressure-bled salmon (right).

“You are true artisan fishermen.  Your salmon are works of art.”

Steve Richey, Monterey Fish Market –Berkeley, California

“No one else can touch the quality of your salmon. I’m convinced that pressure-­‐bleeding makes all the difference and it’s why I buy your product for VIP events...

Chef Stef Marnon – Juneau, Alaska

“Taku River Reds pressure-bled sockeye salmon.  There’s no other sockeye match for this in the marketplace.

Tom Worthington, Monterey Fish Market – San Francisco, California

“Until we discovered TRR, we never served fish caught outside Hawaii.  But we fell in love with your wild, premium product.”

Mike Pascher, Mama’s Fish House –             Paia, Hawaii


“I’ll only sell frozen TRR salmon to my retail clients across the country; the pressure-bled salmon earns rave reviews every time.  It’s unbelievable.

Mark Stopha, Alaska Wild Salmon Company – Juneau, Alaska





Alaska Wild Salmon Company – Juneau, AK

In Bocca Al Lupo - Juneau, AK

Mama’s Fish House Restaurant – Paia, HI

Porterhouse Market – Boise, ID

Rookery Café – Juneau, AK

Gonzo - Juneau, AK

Un-Cruise Adventures – Juneau, AK

The Taqueria - Juneau, AK

The Taqueria - Juneau, AK

Fire Island Bakery - Anchorage, AK

Sea to Table - Brooklyn, NY

Roots Natural Foods - Leominster, MA

Sitka Salmon Shares – Galesburg, IL

Gemma Restaurant - Dallas, TX

Ghost Town - Telluride, CO

Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA