Taku River Reds™ would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our fishermen who share our desire to produce the highest quality wild Alaska salmon possible.  

LEN ("Pete") Peterson

F/V Heather Anne

Originally from Michigan, Pete and his wife Sheila moved to Juneau in 1970 to take jobs teaching.  They quickly settled into their new Alaska life and had two children, Scott and Heather.  Pete, a full-time math teacher, began fishing for salmon in Southeast Alaska in 1973, eventually buying his own drift gillnet fishing boat in 1981.  Fishing became a family tradition, with Heather and Scott spending much of their summers out on the fishing boat with their parents.  

In 2003, Pete, Sheila, Heather and her husband Kirk launched their own direct-to-consumer salmon business, Taku River Reds™, as a way to share their premium wild Alaska salmon with customers around the country.  


Jev & Martin Shelton

F/V Kirsten Anna

Jev began fishing at an early age in Washington State where he grew up.  A school teacher, he eventually pursued an opportunity to relocate to Juneau, Alaska in the early 1970s where he still lives with his wife, Kay.  Jev soon made fishing a full-time priority and got involved in local and regional fishery management issues, including helping negotiate the Pacific Salmon Treaty between the US and Canada.

With fishing a central part of their family life, it's perhaps no surprise that one of Jev's sons, Martin, now fishes with his father, Jev, and captains the F/V Kirsten Anna.